Vigtigt nyt fra FEIF-konferencen 2020

Foto: Feif.org


I weekenden d. 31. januar – 2. februar blev der afholdt FEIF-konference i Hveragerði, Island. En række vedtagne forslag får direkte indflydelse på foreningens virke og danske islandshesteejere


Af Kristina Christensen

Dansk Islandshesteforening har en lang række relationer og samarbejdspartnere i ind- og udland, som påvirker foreningens virke.

FEIF er én af dem. Som den internationale sammenslutning af verdens islandshesteforeninger har FEIF stor indflydelse på regler, som påvirker Dansk Islandshesteforenings virke og foreningens medlemmer. Omvendt betyder det også, at Dansk Islandshesteforening  gennem sit medlemsskab af FEIF har indflydelse og stemmeret i forhold til beslutninger, som rækker ud over foreningens grænser.

FEIF er et demokratisk organ og hvert år samles medlemslandene til konference, hvor der stemmes om forslag præsenteret og behandlet siden sidste FEIF-konference.

I weekenden d. 31. januar – 2. februar deltog formand i DI, Mie Trolle, næstformand i sportskomiteen Trine Winther, formand for klubkomiteen Jørn Hartvig, formand for avlskomiteen Rune Hansen, næstformand i DI, Stine Weinreich, formand for natur- og breddekomiteen Caroline Seehusen og medlem af juniorudvalget, Kristiane Brun Hansen i FEIF konferencen i Hveragerði.

Korte nyhedsopsummeringer herfra findes allerede på FEIFs hjemmeside. De er gengivet herunder på engelsk, som er FEIFs internationale sprog, og som Dansk Islandshesteforening ikke uden videre må give sig i kast med at oversætte. Men går du tilbage i TÖLTs januar-udgivelse kan du blive klogere på det nyligt behandlede forslag om revidering af avlsmålene og hvordan de forskellige egenskaber, der bedømmes i forbindelse med en fuldkåring, skal vægte procentvis i den totale score fremover. Et forslag, som nu i følge nedenstående er vedtaget. Det bringer TÖLT i kommende udgivelse et større tema om.

Det kan klart anbefales at læse nedenstående – her er vigtigt nyt både i forhold til avl og sport. I de kommende uger vil FEIF offentliggøre de såkaldte “Minutes”, der er detaljerede referater af, hvilke nye tiltag, regler mv. komiteerne har stemt igennem.

Slutteligt skal der lyde et tillykke til DIs uddannelseskonsulent Astrid Skou (pt. på barsel), der blev genvalgt til FEIF Education Committee.


“FEIF Conference 2020 – Delegates’ Assembly

The FEIF Conference 2020 took place in Hveragerði, Iceland and was organized with the great help of the Landssamband hestamannafélaga (LH). As every year, the meetings started with the Annual Delegates’ Assembly, the highest authority within FEIF.
13 out of 19 FEIF member countries entitled to vote participated in the Delegates’ Assembly 2020.
The Icelandic Horse Association of Australia, who had been associate member of FEIF so far and the Hungarian Icelandic Equestrian Association (HIEA) were welcomed unanimously by the delegates as full members of FEIF, so the FEIF family now includes 22 full and associate members! Welcome!
The delegates re-elected Inge Kringeland, FEIF Director of Breeding, Silke Feuchthofen, FEIF Director of Education and Jean-Paul Balz, FEIF Director of Sport for 2 years. Doug Smith, having been a board member as FEIF Director of Sport, and as a very active member of the Board decided not to stand for re-election. The delegates elected Alexandra Montan Gray as a new member of the Board.
The sport proposal on the introduction of P3 as World Championship test from 2021 was withdrawn, but all other proposals were accepted by the delegates present. The minutes of the DA will be published on the FEIF website within a few weeks. All changes to the Rules and Regulations will be included in the R&R 2020, valid by April 1, 2020.


Annual Sport meeting 2020

A large group of national sport leaders and representatives from the national associations as well as the FEIF sport committee had discussions on a long list of agenda items. Hulda Gústafsdóttir and Markus Karrer were reelected as sport committee members. As Alexandra Montan Gray was elected as a new FEIF Board member by the Delegates’ Assembly 2020, Olil Amble was elected into the sport committee. The sport committee welcomes Lisa Kroon as Young committee member.
The participants had a good discussion on the proposition of the equipment committee and also about the future and the different options of the World Championships.
The attendees of the annual sport meeting decided on several topics which will be sent to the Delegates’ Assembly 2021, among them the limited time for withdrawals in between pace rounds, a clarification on disqualification and disciplinary measures, a new PP3 test, compositions of A-finals in case there are not B-finals and many more. A complete overview of proposals will be included in the minutes of the meetings that will be published within the next weeks.
Decisions on regulations which are subject to approval of the Board of FEIF but do not have to be sent to the DA will be included already in the Rules and Regulations 2020, among them the new rules on advertisement for riders, judges, officials and organizers of World Championships, procedures in case of violation of the code of conduct, clearer descriptions how to measure the tightness of the noseband with a noseband gauge, etc.

Annual Youth meeting 2020

In the FEIF Youth Work Meeting, representatives from 11 FEIF member countries discussed matters ranging from specifics, such as this year’s FEIF Youth Cup (18-26th July, hosted by Denmark), or the next FEIF Young Leaders’ meeting (22-24th January 2021) to broad concepts such as ‘inclusion’ – be that of how to integrate young people who do not own a horse, to the use of the Icelandic horse in riding for the disabled, or other forms of therapy. As always, a lot of time is taken up by listening to one another, and learning what is done in neighbouring countries, and how they do it? Helga B. Helgadóttir was re-elected to the standing Youth Committee, and thanks to Anna Magdalena Brun Hansen (DK) for serving on the Youth Committee for the last 4 years. All in all, the future looks bright for our international activities, bringing young people on and around the Icelandic horse together, and we hope that the forthcoming Youth Cup will be excellent event. Full minutes of the meeting will be published on feif.org in due course.

Annual Breeding meeting 2020

The Annual Breeding meeting 2020 was well attended and all countries present at the Conference 2020 sent a representative to the meeting. John Siiger Hansen stepped down from the breeding committee after 23 years of working within the FEIF breeding committees and the participants thanked him for all his contributions! Newly elected committee members are Heimir Gunnarsson (breeding committee and chairman of the breeding judges committee), Frauke Schenzel was re-elected as breeders’ representative and Rebecka Frey as member of the breeding judges committee. The breeding committee welcomes Johannes Amplatz as young committee member at his first conference.
The meeting had a long agenda that included discussions on the future of the breeding show at World Championships with the intention to make it more interesting for the audience and also on further co-operation with sport on the harmonization of the red list for equipment. Breeding decided on adding the Peewee bit and the Swales Pelham bit to the list of forbidden equipment like already forbidden for sport. Based on the discussions and decisions the lists on the FEIF website will merge and there will be only one list of prohibited equipment valid for sport and breeding.
After several years of preparation, new guidelines for breeding assessments and new breeding goals for Icelandic horses were decided. The system for judging foals and young horses will be renewed with a simpler judging scale and no calculations of a total score. The participants of the meeting agreed to not publish the members of the judging panels at the 2020 breeding shows until shortly before start of the show. Further topics included the test for new breeding judges and the minimum length of tracks for breeding assessments.

Annual Education meeting 2020

The participants of the FEIF education leader meeting had a very good and constructive meeting with fruitful discussions around different educational matters within the countries. Topics reached from general advice and exchange about the set up and Organisation of CPDs, communication and contact between FEIF and the national departments, discussion about sponsorship options and future seminars in cooperation with the other FEIF departments.
Ulrika Backan from Sweden and Astrid Skou-Buhl have been re-elected in the Education committee and both are willing to contribute their knowledge into the FEIF education department.
The ‘Trainer/Instructor of the year 2019’ award goes this year to national and international well known FEIF level 4 instructor Suzan Beuk from Germany. Congratulations!!!

Annual Leisure Riding meeting 2020

For the first time since the FEIF Leisure Riding Department was created 18 representatives from 12 FEIF member countries participated in this annual meeting which shows that there is growing interest in this topic in our Icelandic horse community. The agenda included a broad variety of topics to discuss and developments to present, among them the first FEIF Riders’ Camp in Norway in summer 2020, the next steps with the FEIF horse profile translations, the preparations for the Day of the Icelandic horse (celebrated on May 1) and more. The exchange of ideas and activities and the discussions on the questionnaire feedback in each country were further important topics of the meeting.
Details of the Riders’ Camp will soon be available on the FEIF website, and we hope that all countries will send participants to this great event.

Trainer of the Year 2019: Suzan Beuk

In 2019 FEIF invited all member countries again to nominate candidates for the best FEIF instructor/trainer. The voting period was then open in January 2020 and at the FEIF Conference 2020 it was officially announced: Suzan Beuk from Germany. Congratulations!!!
Suzan has been a trainer and instructor level 4 since 1994. Already as a young adult she has accompanied and supervised the riders of the World Championships, she has always enriched the education department with a lot of dedication and her great competence. With a lot of empathy and social competence she works with her riding students as a private trainer and also as a trainer of the German National Team of young riders.

FEIF Youth Country of the Year 2019

The award ‘FEIF Youth Country of the Year 2019’ was given to Austria. Each year, FEIF awards a trophy to the country that showed a lot of innovation, or created new energy, or turned good ideas into real events in the field of national Youth Work. Judging is based on a written report sent in by member associations, and the prize is an extra place on this year’s FEIF YouthCup, which will be hosted by Denmark 18-26th July 2020. The Youth committee in Austria distinguished itself by excellent team work, very active promotion on social media, including real time events shown on Instagram, and they ran a hugely successful ‘Summer Academy’, which included training sessions on and off the horse. The national reports will be published on the Youth Section of the FEIF website over the next few weeks. This is always a good read, full of inspiration and ideas that are often easily transferred from one national association to another.


FEIF Awards for Doug Smith and Jón Baldur Lorange

The FEIF Award is awarded by the Board of FEIF to persons for their outstanding contribution to the work of FEIF, the Icelandic Horse and the Icelandic Horse community in general. At the FEIF Conference 2020, the awards were given to Doug Smith and Jón Baldur Lorange.
Doug received it for his contribution to the Icelandic horse world as FEIF Director of Sport, and as a very active member of the Board, as competition leader of World Championships 2019, for chairing various FEIF committees and for managing several projects for FEIF.
Jón Baldur was awarded for his outstanding work as project manager of WorldFengur, being the mastermind behind this extensive and unique database that has become an essential tool for breeders, breeding associations and all friends of the Icelandic horse.
Thank you to Doug and Jón Baldur for your contributions to FEIF!”


Kilde: https://www.feif.org/Service/News.aspx